Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Has Wayne Rooney betrayed Alex Ferguson?

Before I say another word I need to reiterate the bleedin obvious... My first team is Newcastle United and my second is England. Who I choose to support for the top prize every year varies from year to year, but is never ever Chelsea.

In the last 48 hours, we have heard the rumours then the confirmation that Wayne Rooney would not be staying with Manchester United. Tonight I saw a sad confused and betrayed man on Sky sports talking about Rooney, trying not to show just how hurt he was. I remember back in the mists of time when young Wayne was still a Toffee, and he was considering a move for the good of his career. Back then, even though I thought Everton were getting a raw deal, I agreed Man U was the best place for him to go. He would learn his craft under the watchful eyes of a master of football. He would be surrounded by the best equipment and the best footballing minds that weren't already working for Arsenal or Chelsea.  After what seemed an eternity to Everton fans, but only a few weeks for the rest of us, Wayne Rooney was a Red Devil.

Since that time he has kissed the badge, professed his love for the Gaffer and the team. He's even become a fixture in the City of Manchester. All that work and attention took a quick to anger young man and turned him , for a while, into a man who could play football spectacularly well. He regularly punished my beloved Newcastle United with blistering evil goals scored from as far away as 40 feet. He became one of the few footballers I truly enjoyed watching. And when he played for England, it was the the high points of a game, even when he was red carded.  Surely you cannot become that player without the development and trust you get from an organisation like Manchester United.

If there had been trouble off pitch that involved some battle of wills between him and the club, I would understand, but if anything , the club has done all it could to give him games, and protection from the sorts of risks, football related and press related that most players never seem to get. His odd behaviour with prostitutes at least twice now and before getting married, as well as the attitude after the England exit from the World Cup, certainly pointed to trouble in paradise. I'd say it about money but it's not is it? Even his agent was taken aback. I honestly believe Wayne Rooney has talked himself into some kind of catastrophic corner.

If I'm honest, I don't think I've missed him at Man U or England of late. Plenty of players have filled the gaps and he's been revealed to be expendable. Who in their right mind will take on this powder keg of anger and inconsistency?  I'll glass you if you say Newcastle! Despite our record of taking on troubled players, there's no way Mike Ashley would shell out the money for a rotten asset like him. Real Madrid seems a likely place, as most ex Man United players who've crossed the boss seem to go to. But besides them, I don't see any team willing to give him a chance after his last antics.

Regardless of what does happen to him in the next few months, I have lost a great deal of respect for somebody who used to be a pillar of the community and an example of  sporting good form and loyalty of the old school. As it turns out, he's no better than Tevez and Ronaldo and all the other mercenaries who've passed through the EPL in recent years. He/they have forgotten who pays their wages and without whom they would still be lorry drivers and fisherman in isolated villages. I have been watching and playing football most of my life, but this year has been harder than most to get up the desire to watch these over paid,  over privileged  pansies play football for the fans. Perhaps Newcastle was better off in fizzy pop. At least there, the pressure of getting in players worth more than some countries GDP wasn't ruining a century old tradition.

Getting back to Mr. Rooney  though, he's displayed the gratitude and loyalty of a Katie Price. What Alex Ferguson wanted was reasons and some kind of rationale that made sense. He's got  none of either. Wayne Rooney looks to be in a headlong rush into chaos, and one senses it is mostly of his own doing. Yet again football has taken a fine talent and muddled his head with fame and wealth, blinding him to the very people who took him in hand for his own good.

In the end, Manchester United have no choice but to sell him to the highest bidder in the January transfer window. Only problem is, will he be worth anything by then? The self destructive behaviour is making Michael Owen look a prize by comparison.

It was nice knowing you Wayne, but if you keep this up, the best you can do for all concerned is to piss off home and never play again. The two I feel sorry for  most are Coleen and the bairn, a child needs father and a wife needs a trustworthy partner. Instead they have a mixed up un happy and confused ball of angry 12 year old.

Yes, Wayne Rooney has betrayed Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, England Football, as well as all of us

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