Doctor Who... Sherlock

If you hadn't guessed from my near flawless ability to equate all things, even Chilean miners to Doctor Who, I am a massive Who nerd. As a happy by-product of the revived Doctor Who franchise, there is a series of brilliant programmes that are also now being made by Steven Moffat and his mate Mark Gatiss. I've of course covered the Doctor and associated projects, and am proud of the articles that have resulted.

Watch Doctor Who, Dirk Gently and Sherlock as it goes out 

Here are some of them

A Christmas Carol reviewed 

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Happy Whomas Who fans, in this blog post are  songs , parodies ans classic clips 

How to raise a perfect little whovian

Yes Vincent, I can hear the colours too

The Pandorica opens part 1

The Pandorica opens part 2

The New Sherlock Holmes

The Game Mrs. Hudson is on 

The Blind Banker

The Great Game

Guy Ritchie's Holmes