Cookery & Recipes

Cookery as opposed to cooking or warming things up, is my passion. I LOVE FOOD. I love the feel of it, the taste of it, the smell of it, the idea that by changing proportions and combinations, I can create an adventure story for the taste buds. Below is a series of articles I've written about food, food preparation and the occasional recipe. As and when there is something new to add, I will.  Please enjoy and feel free to try any of the recipes posted. Assuming you have a reasonable level of skill I wouldn't be telling you about them if they weren't any good, or you couldn't do them yourself. Enjoy

The C4 recipe vault ( Jamie, Gordon, Hugh )

The BBC recipe vault
My top 10 Kitchen utensils
My wife's Egyptian Chocolate Cake
Honey Cake, almond brittle  and why I cook
Why I loathe Nigella

Assorted cookery programme reviews to come .

The Great British Bake off  

Jamie Does....the Pyrenes and returns to his roots