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Mietek Padowicz is a freelance writer and blogger somewhere to the left of Tony Blair with a keen interest in cookery, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, comedy, Polishness, history and politics.

You'll find I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to the things that matter to me most... My Polish culture, community and traditions, Socially aware politics, the defence of those who cannot and the never ending fight against ignorance. Throw in a lot of Newcastle, being Northern and I think you get the idea.

Do you own a restaurant in town? Do you need to have a review of new menus or a special promotion? I can help, but please expect me to be honest. I am aware that most eateries in Newcastle worth eating in, succumb to the temptation of the cans of stella and "chillies with that" crowd. I would love to see a more stable sector of fine dining not willing to sell it's soul to the more populist cheap meals and bevy crowd.  Contact me if you want to attract the right kind of dinners. 

I do the cooking mostly but  My deli cheesecake for example, is to die for. My cookery G-ds are Ramsay, Roux, the Hairy Bikers Si and Dave, and Oliver; my inspiration is my Grandmother who taught me most of what I didn't know I knew till I needed it.

I of course support Newcastle United .I cannot abide our current ownership but wish the Lads well in all their endeavours.


You and Who A compilation of essays about Doctor Who
 Canadian Holmes

Winterwind Productions, an e-magazine where several of my writer friends get to practice their craft

NGACo, as the name implies is a one stop shopping location for businesses, institutions, hotels etc... to get access to the art and editorial content they may need to decorate walls or fill promotional material in print or online. We do a full range of  images from the usual stock material to precise briefs. We can fill a room or a calendar, but we'll make sure it's what YOU want. Events, portraits, illustrations or industrial, we have somebody who can do it. And of course some of us write too. Ask us about our corporate party planning services as well, make your event one no one will forget any time soon.


You get  a steady stream of Local entertainment,  Radio, food, politics, the occasional recipe or gadget  recommendation for the kitchen, and music.

Over time this blog will hope to point you towards all kinds of restaurants, quality shops, comedy and music venues and uncover artists you would never have known about. I will obviously recommend acts, pubs and restaurants I like, I  prefer to help NE bands and comics over others, but if you're talented and you get to me, I will give you a mention.  I don't expect people to agree with me 100% of the time, if you did, who would tell me I'm completely wrong?  Please enjoy and spread the word if this has made any sense at all.

Contact info mietekblog@gmail.com