Saturday, 19 June 2010

BOOO what a bag of Shite, send 'em home now

How dare you! How dare you say we don't have the right to be angry to boo.Overpaid neanderthal,  pampered gobshite.England were rubbish, utter shite. The only bright spots were  David James and Jamie Caragher.  I cannot believe a super star on £100,000 a week would say owt like that  to people who sacrificed  as much as £8,000 for the trip and hotel and all.  Did you really think you were just unlucky? Wayne you need to apologize NOW if you don't want to be booed in every park from Newcastle to London.  You and your mates need to get a grip and save face against Slovenia.  You useless bunch of soulless tossers deserve to be sent home NOW .  I cannot understand how you and your mates have completely lost any pride at all. Perhaps the very worst performance an England side has ever delivered.

Mr Capello, you entirely miss the point... so what all the teams are on three points. Your selection was appalling, they could not complete a goal attempt, they could not defend, they gave the ball away  like it was Christmas, they were on the back heal from the word go. Fact is that Algeria barely tested James, Imagine just how angry we'd be if Algeria was anywhere near as good as Germany or Argentina. We'd have been buried alive in goals. I don't care if England get past Slovenia now, I don't think we can get in a decent game in the next round. WE DON'T DESERVE TO BE THERE. I am ashamed of the team. Mr Capello you have to stop keeping the squad in a protective bubble , you need to tell people if they're playing or not , you need to be more open and allow these players to breathe and relax a bit. Let the wags in for a conjugal visit, these men are not monks, don't treat them that way. The fact you told James 5 minutes before he boarded the bus he was our stopper is insane. I dread the next match if you keep this up. BTW FA if you're reading this. On the back of this performance , we should perhaps just not even be thinking of Euro 2012.

And talk about bad timing, who decided it was ok to show a happy joy joy Mars bar advert right after that disaster? On the up side, except for Germany  most recently, the host nation has been diabolically bad and needed help from officials to limp out of the group stages. By that reckoning, we should be a shoe in for the next World Cup Hosts. From here on in regardless, I'm supporting Germany. This tournament is about the best, not the sexiest or the ones you're supposed to support by dint of  geography. If England were an X factor act , they wouldn't even be Jedward. I take that back , they ARE Jedward. They are flash, full of themselves, have Simon Cowell whispering praise in their ears and they are at the end of the day, complete rubbish. I'm trying hard to find something to be positive about  right now, but it's hard I will at some point be able to put my England top back on this week , but not tonight or tomorrow or even the day after.So where is that paypal link for the whip around to bring the boys back? I got £2 pounds burning a hole in my pocket.

Now from the self inflicted to out and out theft. Germany and USA were victims of possibly the worst officiating since the Swiss ref stuck it  into England a few years ago, you know when we were merely mediocre.  Germany had the tichiest ref I have seen in years. This Spanish inquisition aka Alberto Undiano gave out more cards than traffic warden filling a quota, most of them were undeserved and led to the sending of Miroslav Klosse . From that moment on the ref became the star of the show.  Apparently this man is the Howard Webb of Spain, responsible for more sendings off and yellow cards in regular season play than any other Spanish ref. Ironically, it was hard to tell most of the time that Germany were at 10 men. Without that shocking sending off , except of course the meddling of the ref who didn't give that 2nd pen, Germany would have dealt with Serbia and solidly. Yet again an official thinks he can be the reason a game goes one way or another. Thankfully I still think my new team can  get out of the group stages and make the final. Players are supposed to be allowed to play football, it's a rough sport and if we pretend otherwise, we'll get more matches like Germany v Serbia.

And it just kept on being a perfect day didn't it?  Slovenia v USA should have ended 3-2, there was nothing wrong with that goal, nobody questioned it, well nobody but the ref who didn't see half a dozen Slovenian players dragging down Americans in the box right left and centre. And in case you were wondering, it wasn't off side either.  This match was the only one that was gripping well played and entertaining. Even the Americans it must be said, played some cracking football. I don't think for a minute they are as good as England on a good day, but they aren't the pathetic sacrificial lambs they were a few years ago. Maybe one day they might even get a little respect at home.

.Writing this has been cathartic, it's at least spared some inanimate object from possible destruction. I may as well change the mood and turn the telly on to something less rage inducing . Doctor Who is on at the week end, Mock the week is back and Top gear is back July 27th, and of course there is that pile of classic who tapes we've barely made a dent in...Dalek Invasion of Earth up next ... laters all, perhaps tomorrow will a better day. I can't get any worst, can it?


MarkyMark said...

Why doesn't the World Cup use instant replay on disputable calls? All of our major professional sports here in the USA do. They may have limits on its use (e.g. in the NFL, American Football, each team's coach can issue two challenges for the game), but there are provisions for getting calls right-especially when the game's outcome hangs in the balance. Oh, and don't give me this traditionalist crap, either. Baseball, which is the most traditional of all of our professional sports, even has a form of instant replay. Why wouldn't FIFA want to get the calls RIGHT, thus insuring the integrity of the games?

As for officiating, a good official is one you do NOT notice. Officials aren't the stars of the game; players are, so get out of the way already! A good official is professional, unbiased, decisive, and accurate. I think it's fair to say that the official who disallowed our winning goal was none of the above...

Mietek Padowicz said...

"Oh, and don't give me this traditionalist crap, either."

You won't get any argument from me on that, I been selling the idea of video technology for years. There is no reason why football has to suffer the un-needed injustice of easily avoided bad calls.