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Strictly Come Dancing week 6: Dance v Doris Karloff

Strictly Come Dancing week 6 was DANCE and some reminders that the public still don't get it. In a week that saw every couple save two advancing to the next level, we had one couple still trying and one thinking it's Britain's got Talent. I'm not surprised at least about one of them, Ann Widdicombe has become the wasp in the picnic basket ruining the day. Is she amusing to watch? At times yes, but I dread to know what good dancer is getting the sack tomorrow so we can "enjoy" more of Ann's antics? Maybe it's time for a special phone vote.... who do you want voted off. Clearly what the judges have to say is unimportant, so how else to be rid of the old menace? The more victims fall to the non dancing juggernaut of Doris Karloff  the less legitimacy Strictly will have. If you have even a shred of dignity Ann or a sense of honour and justice, claim you've pulled a muscle and can't dance any more, not that what you been doing could be called dance. Do us all a favour and leave so the dancing can be the star and not you.

Week 7 review up and ready.... and now back to your reading

Craig seems to have been on the nasty juice more than usual, not that it stopped him from telling the truth.  Rest of them were happy enough to pretend hurricane Ann wasn't there. Alesha however allowed herself to be swayed by Welsh muscle and made a fool of herself claiming Gavin out danced Scot. Never in a million year luv, put your specs on , or watch the feet instead. Otherwise it was a fine evening's judging and most of Brucies jokes were on the mark, even if some were a bit obvious. It's al in the delivery people and there are few at any age that can do that. Rock on Mr. Forsythe! 

And without further ado ..... this week's ratings

Kara Tointon: Salsa As close to perfect as possible without nailing the more complex bits on a true professional dancer could. Sexy, high energy and compelling. She had a few nigly mistakes, but nothing terrible. Rating 9 video

I'd like to take a moment here and address the in studio audience once more....PLEASE STOP BOOING THE JUDGES. You show yourself to be ignorant and disrespectful. The dancers need to hear what they have to say, and unlike you, the judges have credentials and know of what they speak ( except for Alesha of course). It's not only off-putting but incredibly rude. Is that how you react when somebody who is examining you speaks?  Sucks to be you then.

Pamela Stephenson: Foxtrot. Smooth, sexy, glamorous naturally rhythmic, she showed incredible chemistry with her partner. Surely that dance embarrassed her children, but Craig though it was cheesy, sorry,  but I liked it, there were two wee errors but I cannot fault her outfit or the intent that much.  Rating 8 video

Felecity Kendal: Pasodoble. Beautiful opening  with spectacular dancing filled with drama. Her transitions were a bit rough , but on the whole she was up to her high standard. Rating 8 video

Jimi Mistry: Foxtrot. Peppy, light and polished, not perfect but close to it. Nice clean routine  with only a few small flaws. Jimi was better than last week and showed he was taking on board the judges comments. Rating 8

Matt Baker: Viennese Waltz . They danced to H.I.M. I think, very cool, I haven't heard Goth music on Strictly before. That said, Goth does have a lot of the rhythms you would need for such a dance. What can I say about Matt? Great positioning, fluid clean dance that told a story and pulled you in. Yet another masterful performance by Matt Baker. Rating 8 video

Ann Widdicombe: Alleged Charleston. In the lead in bit  Ann Widdicombe assured us all there would be no mating antics and we'd not see her knickers. Thank %&*!. In fact she went so far as to insure this by yet again not dancing. She walked, she posed, she allowed herself to sit on the floor a lot., but she didn't dance. honestly the farce has gone on long enough. I think even my stats for the Strictly stuff are hurting a bit because she's still on.  Alesha Dixon had a rare moment of clarity when she described it as more comedy than a dance routine. Almost right, it was all comedy and no dance. Time somebody swallowed her pride and did the right thing as the voters don't seem to be willing to stop this farce. Rating -3 video

Michelle Williams: Waltz. While Brendan was doing most of the work, it was a marked improvement for Michelle. She realy rose above the rubbish of last week and made an effort. But she's still far too tentative. Wearing high heels  and she also looks like she's been eating again, so maybe that helped some. Rating 7

PatsyKensit: Cha Cha Cha. Sexy, with good foot work and hip action, there were a few awkward moments with transitions, but Craig found it Cha Cha Charvy. I suppose it was a bit Essex in  bad way, but in view of the dance, it was a choreography choice. Rating 7   

Scot Maslen: Rhumba. Sexy, with loads of chemistry, he made a difficult dance look easy, but he did have a few moments that cuased him to slow down. Not up to his usual high standard. Rating 6

Gavin Henson: Cha Cha Cha. To his credit he kept his shirt on and had one or two moments where he actually danced. His hip action during a spooning bit showed us what they're up to after dance practice. Wisely his partner integrated a series of rugby training moves to sort of look like dance. But he still depended largely on his standby of well... standing and posing. Not anywhere near the rest of the field, but an improvement on the last three weeks. Rating 2

So on the whole only one dancer is still taking the piss. Where Gavin was strictly counting on women to swoon in weeks past, he's sort of trying now, the rest have all advanced to a level where you would expect them to, after this many weeks, and in many cases,way past it. Ann Doris Karloff Widdicombe has decided to play the clown and sadly sees nothing wrong with this. Let's see how much damage in the ratings the BBC is willing to take before they sort this? I know my own rhythms and stats on any given day, and to be honest, the interest in strictly has fallen drastically  from the steady stream we had as late as last week's results show. Since I haven't changed anything, I have to conclude the knocking out of Tina O'Brien has taken the stuffing out of the numbers.

So who will be in the bottom two? If you paid attention, you'll know the perennial bottom dwellers in the table, so by logical extension it's  Gavin Henson and Ann Widdicombe.  Who will actually be in the bottom two is anybodies guess. I won't even try to hazard a guess as I'll be completely wrong. I'll join the rest of you who haven't already tuned Strictly out on principle, for the results show on Sunday. One can only hope sanity will return, but I'm not holding my breathe. My condolences in advance to the poor dancer who will be sacrificed on the altar of comedy.

Laters people! I'm going to have my supper and watch some classic Doctor Who, at least the monsters there eventually get dispatched.

This week's Results show is a joke. I'm in absolute shock at the result! Jimi Mistry rating 8 and Michelle Williams rating 7, were the bottom two. Third time in the bottom two should mean yer done, but who is going home???????


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark . There was a standing ovation from the crowd , the judges and no one thought Jimi was supposed to go home. By any ruler worth using, Michelle Williams knows she's lucky to have made it this far and fully expected to leave. I'm beyond angry, I'm beyond shock, I am wondering what to do next. And people I'm committed to reporting the rest of the series, but that doesn't mean you have to watch. Punish the monkeys at the BBC who are allowing this. Tell Ann Widdicombe and Gavin Henson just how rank they are and how they need to leave, especially ANN WIDDICOMBE. I will not be surprised if Craig gets bitchier and the rest of the real judges pretend the water isn't rising on the sinking ship Strictly. Time to pull the plug on the format right now, Bring the dance off back and give the producers and judges the power to sack toxic dancers. Strictly is now proven to be a popularity contest that has taken on the added aspect of bad joke for drunken yobs with mobile phones. Are they even watching?  I doubt it. I'm sick to my stomach and gutted for the latest victims. This is so unfair and deserves correcting.

Let the BBC know what you think, THE BBC COMPLAINTS HOME PAGE . Be concise, keep it clean, and let them have it.

Week 7 review ready! 

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