Monday, 21 July 2014

Sanctuary Artspace presents: Maya Horton Silent Seas

Running from the 21st to the 31st of July, at St-Edmunds church in Gateshead, Sanctuary Artspace presents a retrospective of works by local artist Maya Horton.

Maya is a trained marine biologist who's work has taken her to far flung places in the northernmost reaches of the planet. From as close to home as South Shields to the wintry vistas of the frozen tundra, when free time presented itself, Maya recorded the special way water and sky combine at sea. She has captured in particular, the strong blues that only ever occur this close to the top of the world. Combined with the variety of weather and the eternal dusk of her paintings, you cannot help be transported to these wild isolated places.

The gallery is open from noon to 4 pm most days and is right across from the Trinity Square shopping Centre. To close the show on the 31st, from 7 pm to 9pm there will be a special story telling evening starring the Moss Troopers. In the setting of an 800 year old church, hear northern culture come to life.

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